Hairdressing is a skilled trade. Like any skill, it requires upgrading, hands on experience and training to perfection.

At Saint James Hair, we pride ourselves in getting the best of what the clients wants. Our tiered pricing allows you to choose your stylist.

Our pricing structure takes into account the years of experience, qualifications and specialist in a particular area of hairdressing.

All stylists are trained to educate clients on products that will suit your hair to achieve its full potential.


Combined with artistic talents and an eye for natural beauty, James handpicks each stylist so all the work done reflects his philosophies, exceptional craftsmanship and customer service.

James also trained at Sassoon Academy in London adding to his experience as a master colourist to provide quality work that is synonymous with excellence.

In July 2013, James appeared on Ch 7 for an Australian reality television series called ‘Formal Wars’.

Watch an edited version of Formal Wars and know why he is called Saint James, creating hair miracles and tears of joy!


Ceejay is a junior hairdresser and loves all forms of cutting.

His skin fades are a favourite and enjoys a good chat about football and CR7!

He is the next generation of hairdressers coming through, so walk in for a fresh haircut with Ceejay



Zoe is now a senior hairdresser and loves doing amazing colour work.

Her blonde balayage, highlights and even fashion colours are breathtaking.

Complete with a volume blow wave, you are in for a pamper session.

She is the future talent in her hairdressing career, so request for Zoe for your big colour job!



Walk in and enjoy our express cuts at Saint James Hair.

No shampoo, No shave, No small talk.

*If you are a travelling hairdresser, or if you want to rent a chair, give us a shout.

Love collaborating with international hair artists.


our locally trained team

At Saint James Hair Studio, we consistently train and up-skill ourselves to design a style just for you.

We are trained locally, but also have overseas experience. James also teaches hairdressing at Victoria University.


Call us at (03) 9696 1555 to make an appointment now!

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